We provide a wide range of products catering to both industrial and commercial or household needs. Product categories shown are non-exhaustive, we carry an extensive range of related products, if what you are seeking is not listed here, please do contact our sales representative through our email at sales@globemate.com.my for further enquiry.

Kindly fax to +607 241 3992

About Us

Established since 1989, Globe-Mate Enterprise has been a reliable and resourceful industrial/commercial supplier, specializing in air/water technology.

We have an extensive range of products to meet your needs, broadly categorized under the following :-

- filters
- purifiers
- dehumidifiers
- coolers
- dispensers
- instrumentation

We have a strong team of experienced engineers to provide maintenance services and support for our customers. With exceptional customer service, it is no wonder that we have strong clientele :-

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